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Bengal Art Foundation has finally become a platform and a reality for practicing artists. Foundation is committed to support artists around the country who are working with a attitude to art by projecting their works through exhibitions Art workshops, Art seminars at major centres and creating awareness among the collectors and the connoisseurs of art in the country .The foundation is also inviting artists from various countries to integrate and create a bonhomie among the practicing artists of the world.Some artists of Bengal felt the necessity of a common platform where visual artists from all corners of the country would be able to share a space and exhibit their creation to the rest of the world. Thus after a thorough discussion in the IFACS Gallery of New Delhi in 2014, it was unanimously resolved that a Society be established to promote various art forms and also various necessities of all budding artists of India.

That was the commencement of the journey of Bengal Art Foundation (BAF) and the aspirations to meet global standards and competencies continues.The vision of the Foundation is to create a congenial environment for creativity and opportunities for all emerging artists of India.BAF’s mission or objectives include & Bonding artists of Bengal with those from other corners of the countryBringing all talented artists from their studios to public domainSharing their innovative and creative ideas through seminar, symposium, workshop etc.Creation of an international platformRestoration and rejuvenation of various public-art formsProviding space to allied art forms like photographyProviding special ssistance to deprived and needy artistsWith such a target BAF has already organised many exhibitions, workshops, seminar etc.at places like New Delhi (18th May 2015), Kolkata (date.17th Feb 15), Jaipur Art Summit (21st Nov 2015)So, we have achieved so many things through the long path. During this time, we have spread through Country and Foreign also.

We have organised various exhibitions collaboratively with Lalit Kala Academy (New Delhi), ICCR (Kolkata) and other marvelousArt Events.To regenerate the assets of Indian Painting like Tempera, Wash water Colour Paintingtechniques we are organising various workshops in different places, countries and inspire the young artists.In the current situation due to Covid-19 Pandemic, as the regular lifestyle has been damaged, we have now opened our new Online Gallery on our website to promote our Indigenous artists and to keep contact with our Art Lovers.

Founder Director & President

Was born in 1954 at north 24 Parganas of West Bengal. He had a dream to become a great artist from an early age. The artistic creativity of Mr. Ashoke Roy is linked to his larger cultural heritage. Unlike most of the aspiring contemporary artists, he like to stay away from our urban cultural centre, Kolkata. His fascination to search our cultural root in pre-colonial ‘Rarh-Bangla’ has driven him away from the humdrum of busy city-life at an idyllic location in the outskirts of Burdwan. He completed graduation from Durgapur Government College under 'The Burdwan University', after that he completed Bachelor of visual Art from 'Government College of Art & Craft', Kolkata.

In this early period we find apparent emphasis on social content in his creative works. Subsequently his persistent quest to search his identity, brought him close to the rich tradition of 'Terracotta', 'Pat' and 'Dhokra' of 'Rarh-Bangla'. He had spent a lot of time to learn traditional Dokra work from local artists in Dariapur of Bardwan district. He was also involved with teaching faculty at 'Academy of Fine Arts', Kolkata, as a lecturer on painting. He has now imbibed the local folk-idioms and forms to express his individual passion. His formal arrangements have become simple and bold. His art-works have succeeded to sublimate his visual passion and spiritual yearnings. Now a days he fully devote his career as a full-time artist at his studio.

In the last five years of his life, Mr. Ashoke Roy has devoted his time to revive the ancient technique of Tempera and Gouche painting, which were used in historical miniatures of the Mughal era and the timeless art on the walls of the Ajanta and Ellora caves. He conducts regular workshops to impart this technique to the next generation of artists in India and abroad in his mission to preserve this important part of our history in indeginous artistic technique development.